Graduate research projects

By Matthew S. Davis posted 05-27-2019 07:30 PM

This time of year, and actually beginning earlier than this, my email box gets many requests for me to fill out surveys for research projects. These requests are from endodontic residents who are seeking to fulfill their research requirements for graduation. 
My personal opinion is that a 15 year old can do a survey and get on Google to figure out the way to analyze the data statistically. 
It is also my personal opinion that endodontic programs as well as the AAE accept this as a way to satisfy the research requirements to obtain a certificate or possibly even an MS in the field of endodontics. 
My final opinion is that this is pathetic! The methodology of a survey for performing research is flawed at best. This also degrades our profession as a whole. 
I urge the AAE and ALL endodontic residencies to put a stop to this immediately. 
Let them earn the degree, not just “get by”!