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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Dr. Luis Missura

By AAE Community Manager HL Manager posted 11-01-2023 09:07 AM


We are proud to highlight active members of our AAE Connection Community

Say hello to Dr. @Luis Missura

Headshot of Dr. Luis Missura with a black backdrop. Dr. Missura is wearing green scrubs.


Owner and solo practitioner at Precision Endodontics.

Career Highlights:  

I had an extraordinary experience taking care of Soldiers in the US Army for 9 years.

I’ve had the opportunity to develop my endodontic skillset and preferences in many settings during my time on active duty.

I opened the doors to my private practice the day after exiting military service and have been on this adventure ever since.

Why Endodontics: I fell in love with endodontics because of the challenge of solving different puzzles in every case, seeing the gratitude on a patient’s face after saving their tooth, and the sweet satisfaction of seeing a post-operative radiograph when the job is done.

Best Piece of Career Advice: Find your philosophy and stick to it. Find the joy in what you do and help the people around you feel it, too!

Endo Challenge: Starting a practice from scratch in a rural area just before the beginning of a pandemic was like jumping off a cliff. It took a lot of perseverance and faith. My team and I stuck to what we know is right. We took care of each other and always had our patients be our highest priority. Since then, the team has evolved, our style of practice has evolved, but our resolve to maintain our practice philosophy will never change.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member Learning is a lifelong pursuit. AAE gives me the opportunity to learn from the best, and develop incredible relationships with people I truly look up to.

Fun Fact: I love experiencing different cultures through food, enjoy competitive archery, and mountain biking with my wife and kids!

Community Question: What one technological advancement, material development, or practice technique do you feel has had the biggest impact within the field of endodontics within the past two decades?

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