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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Dr. Abu Saeed Ibn Harun

By AAE Community Manager HL Manager posted 08-01-2023 06:54 AM


We are proud to highlight active members of our AAE Connection Community

Say hello to Dr. @Abu Saeed Ibn Harun

Headshot of Dr. Harun.


Associate Professor
Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Chattagram International Dental College & Hospital

Career Highlights:  

I began working as a general dentist in 2002 after earning my BDS from the University of Dhaka. Then I understood that I lack the knowledge and abilities necessary to control the patient's desire. I intended to earn an MS in Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry. 2010 was the realization of a dream as I received my MS from Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Medical University in Dhaka.

I have held the position of Assistant Professor at Chattagram International Dental College & Hospital since joining 13 years ago. In 2019, I was promoted to Associate Professor. From the beginning of my Endodontic career, I was focused on skill development. As a result, I attained lots of hands-on training in microscopic endodontics, Regenerative Endodontics, micro endo surgery and Endodontic retreatment at Dental Faculty, Mahidol University, Thailand.

I work as a clinical researcher, clinician, and educator. I enjoy producing information for my valued pupils, my coworkers, and myself.

Why Endodontics: When I worked as a general dentist, I saw that most of my patients came to me for pain relief. They also continued to maintain this diseased tooth in their mouth for an extended period. In this regard, I had numerous difficulties. Additionally, I fell in love with endodontics. Because only endodontic treatment can instantly relieve excruciating pain. I'm still doing research and studying to find a solution for pain-free endodontics.

Best Piece of Career Advice: Keep working hard at your dream job.

Endo Challenge: According to my observations, every endodontic case is difficult due to anatomical variance, patient psychology, and the ability to forecast future results. One of the most difficult instances in my endodontic career was a patient who experienced endodontic discomfort for 6 years despite excellent endodontic work. Clinically, radiographically, and even using CBCT, there are no aberrant results. Non-odontogenic persistent endodontic pain was her diagnosis. She usually stopped by my office every six months. I used evidence-based endodontics to assist me through this challenging case.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member I have been a global member of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) since August 2015. My goal is to get better and more knowledgeable in the field of endodontics. Only AAE has the continuing education (Endo On Demand), journal, Communiqué, Colleagues for Excellence, and clinical resources to completely satisfy my needs.

Fun Fact: I prefer to listen to soothing piano while I travel.

Community Question: How do we collaborate to ensure that information is distributed fairly around the world?                          

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