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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Orest Balytsky

By AAE Community Manager posted 05-04-2022 08:48 AM

Each month an active member of our AAE Connection Community will be highlighted.
Say hello to Dr. @Orest Balytsky
Headshot of Dr. Balytsky in blue scrubs in front of a xray screen

  • Specialty 1 Partners, Partner Endodontist.
  • University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor.

Career Highlights:  

  • Lviv Medical Institute, Lviv, Ukraine. Dental Degree, 1981.
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, DMD, 1994
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Certificate in Endodontics, 1998
  • American Board of Endodontics, Diplomate of the ABE Certificate, 2004

Why Endodontics:

After practicing General Dentistry for 12 years, I realized that specialization would allow me to practice at the highest level. I liked the precise nature of endodontic procedures and the opportunity to perform conventional as well as surgical procedures.

Best Piece of Career Advice:

Dr. James Wallace, Director of Endodontics at the University of Pittsburgh, my teacher and mentor, always emphasized the importance of learning surgical endodontics and taught me to perform high-level surgical procedures with confidence.

Endo Challenge:

In 2004, I purchased an endodontic practice in Petaluma, CA. I checked the practice very thoroughly, except I forgot to look at the patient schedules. When I showed up on my first day, I discovered that the schedule was nearly empty. I got a bit scared, then composed myself and started doing marketing with all the energy I could muster (marketing is my least favorite professional activity). That year, I doubled the practice’s production.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member

I am convinced, that if you want to be a real professional, you have to belong to your professional organization. AAE allows me to contribute to the specialty, enhances my professional image, and allows me to have access to very rich resources for different aspects of my professional life.

Fun Fact: 

I have several hobbies that allow me to keep a good work/life balance. To name a few: playing soccer, the accordion, hiking, and mountaineering. In August of 2021, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with my wife, two daughters, and son-in-law.

Community Question:

What can we do as a specialty to change the situation in general dentistry where we as specialists have to spend nearly 50% (plus or minus) of our work time on retreating inadequately performed previous endodontic treatments? Should we start at becoming more proactive by teaching dental students to learn and understand the importance of healthy referral relationships with endodontists?


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