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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Joao Costa

By AAE Community Manager posted 01-04-2022 09:00 AM


Each month an active member of our AAE Connection Community will be highlighted.

Say hello to @Joao A. Costa


I am practicing as a Limited Licensed Dentist in a Community Health Center in Massachusetts at the beautiful Cape Cod. Also, I am working really hard in order to become an Endodontist applying for a Residency Program.

Career Highlights: 

I left Brazil in 2007 looking for an opportunity as a Dentist in America and since I started practicing at this Community Health Center where I’ve been for the past thirteen years. I was hooked with the philosophy developed there, reaching the community and delivering the best dental treatment to our patients.

Why Endodontics:

I was always involved with the Endodontic field, thanks to a very solid formation during Dental School and the ability developed assisting those in need and wanted to preserve their teeth. The Endodontic science showed me I would be able to offer both. For over little a decade I’ve been able to help the local community with quality Dental care in an eclectic range of treatment always focusing their health and wellbeing.

I love Endodontics because it is a science on which those who practice must be attentive to details. Moreover, it’s important to carry with you a profound knowledge of the basic sciences, what is the most current in technology and technique and, even more, the development of interpersonal skills; making the communication with patients in distress more efficient, productive and personal.

Best Piece of Career Advice:

As a career advice it is difficult to put in words features that sometimes are intangible, but knowing your professional limits is key and more important, being humble when to approach those with more experience to obtain the answers needed to help you move forward professionally and personally.

Endo Challenge: 

The ability to share my experience is a great opportunity to demonstrate my passion for new challenges. I left my country looking for an opportunity in Dentistry on which I found. Leaving my family behind for almost one whole year was a way to solidify our bond and confirm what wanted for me: an opportunity to offer a better life to my loved ones.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member: 

Joining the AAE was a lifelong goal that finally happened to me. I always knew this was the place to be if I wanted to dedicate my life to this science. In here I know I will benefit from the experience of so many scholars and professionals who will not only share their professional experience but also embrace those who are willing to improve and grow in the Endodontic field.

Fun Fact: 

When I am not at the Dental Center, I like practicing calligraphy, drawing and leather work, designing and making minimalist wallets. Arts and crafts was always in my family starting with my grandfather who lived as a tailor and for over 40 years and was a reference of elegance and quality in my hometown.

Community Question: (A question that community members can respond to)

If I went back twenty-five years, I wouldn’t think or consider the amount of technology developed in Endodontics as we can see today. Back in the day, the nickel titanium alloys were hitting the market and not a lot of information was offered to the professionals. Today we see more and more different shapes, alloys and techniques improving the cleaning and shaping of the root canal, making the result more predictable, efficient and long lasting. What would be the next technology leap foreseen by the Endodontic Community in the next twenty-five years? Are we ready for that?


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01-21-2022 02:00 PM


I enjoyed reading your profile and learning about your commitment to serving your community at the community dental clinic.  Thank you for your interest in endodontics.  I wish you much success in your application process and your future!


Alan S. Law DDS, PhD
President, American Association of Endodontists