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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Dr. Lindsey Yap

By AAE Community Manager posted 04-08-2021 07:37 AM

Each month an active member of our AAE Connection Community will be highlighted.
Say hello to Dr. @Lindsey R. Yap!

Position: Endodontics Resident at University of Washington '22

Career Highlights: 

  • Dental Assistant during Undergraduate Summer Breaks 2011, 2012
  • Biochemistry BS at Lehigh University 2013
  • Oregon Health & Science School of Dentistry 2017
  • Associate Private Practice General Dentist 2017-2020
  • UW Endodontics Resident Currently

Why Endodontics: I enjoy many aspects of endodontics. The procedures are intricate and always unique due to variations in tooth morphology. Some people may think that it’s boring to look into a tiny dark hole. However, even though it may not be visible when a patient smiles I find it satisfying to relieve dental pain for patients. My interactions with faculty and residents at OHSU really made me enjoy learning endodontics and continued to evolve my interest that I had prior to dental school. After working as a general dentist for a few years I decided I wanted to pursue endodontics as a career. Being part of the program at UW has only reinforced my passion for endo and its importance to the dental profession as specialists and general dentists to provide the best dental care possible for patients.

Best Piece of Career Advice:  Constantly learn and improve your skills with every case no matter how easy or difficult.

Endo Challenge: It was a challenge to return to studying for the ADAT after being out of school for a few years. Giving up an income to return to accruing additional student loans for a residency program is a big commitment, but luckily, I had the support of my partner, family, and friends to continue my education.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member:  I became an AAE member when I was a predoc student because I had an interest in specializing. I continued to be a member as a general dentist because of the access to JOE and CE opportunities with Endo On Demand.

Fun Fact: I'm a volunteer backcountry ski patroller at Mount Rainier National Park.

Community Question: What is your most memorable accident that you made during a procedure and what did you learn from it?

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