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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Dr. Kenneth Wiltbank

By AAE Community Manager posted 02-18-2021 07:39 AM

Each month an active member of our AAE Connection Community will be highlighted.
Say hello to Dr. @Kenneth B. Wiltbank

Position:  I am an endodontist and co-owner of two practices in the State of Oregon, one in the Portland area, and one in the Astoria area.

Career Highlights:  I worked as a general dentist for seven years before getting the bur under my saddle to go back to school for endodontics.

Why Endodontics: I wanted to do something more clear that running a general dental office. I also liked the idea of marketing to dentists instead of the general public. That might be changing now, but I still like marketing to professionals.

Best Piece of Career Advice: One unsolicited piece of advice I would offer is: call your patients, personally, after treatment. They love it.

Endo Challenge: Get on Connection and ask people when you have a case you don't understand. You will get great advice. I have overcome several hard decision making processes and gotten many clinical tips by asking this terrific group.

Reason for Becoming an AAE member:  I have always felt like being a member of "organized dentistry" benefits me personally, and that I ought to do my part to give back to the group.  At my residency program at UT Health, San Antonio, participating was emphasized and explained, and is a tradition.

Fun Fact:  I enjoy trail running (very slowly) and have run the Wildwood Trail (30.4 miles) in Portland, Oregon's Forest Park, a long section of the Pacific Crest Trail through the Three Sisters Wilderness area, and a long section of the Western States 100 course near Auburn, California, among other marathons and training runs.

Community Question:  How do we emphasize ethics and personal integrity among ourselves to promote excellence among endodontics, and somehow require that same excellence of other practitioners?

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