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Member Spotlight: Say hello to Dr. Soraya Gadelha

By AAE Community Manager posted 09-17-2020 07:53 AM


Each month an active member of our AAE Connection Community will be highlighted.

Say hello to @Soraya V. Gadelha

Position/Employer: I have my own private office.

Career Highlights: I always wanted to be a gynecologist/obstetrician, but, when I was in my last year of High School, I went to see my dentist, who was my Godfather’s son. I remember that he was listening to Queen on his radio. The music was quite loud. He seemed to be very happy and enjoying what he was doing. We talked a lot that day about career, and when I left, I had decided to become a dentist.

My first job after University, in 1995, was in a very poor neighborhood in Sao Paulo. There were no Endodontists at all in that area, and they asked me to do all the RCTs. After a while, the whole neighborhood knew that they had the choice to keep their teeth in their mouths instead of giving it to the Tooth Fairy. There were so many patients, I couldn’t believe it. That was a great opportunity to get some experience.

Four years after I graduated, I started my specialization. To my surprise, my Professor invited me to work as an Assistant Professor in the specialization class.

In 2018, I became a member of the Endodontics Chamber (a kind of an Endodontics Committee) of the CROSP (“Brasilian ADA” for Sao Paulo state). It is a big honor and pleasure to contribute for the Brazilian dentistry. 

This year, I became one of the members of the Connection Committee of AAE, and it has been very gratifying to be a part of it. I admire AAE’s position of opening up to Endodontists from all over the world, as Science should not have borders.

Best Piece of Career Advice: I would say to wait a little bit before opening your own Dental Office. I opened mine two years after graduation, and I think I should have waited more. It's better to work for others until you get some practice and experience. When working for a Clinic, you learn many things such as office administration, dealing with patients, etc.

Another thing I'd say is to never underestimate a RCT. Sometimes what seems to be easy can be really difficult.  

Reason for Becoming an AAE member: AAE is a place where I find almost everything I need to keep me up to date with Endo. It’s wonderful to have a place where we can share our clinical experiences, cases and doubts with so many specialists.

Fun Fact: I have some hobbies, one of them is singing. I have a rock band with my husband, who is also a dentist, and the lead guitarist in the band. My son plays bass and I sing the backing vocals. We have a friend as a front man, and two more friends on drums and keyboards. We rehearse in our studio and sometimes play at friends' parties or in pubs. The name of the band is Dr. Tequila. Please, don’t ask me why.

Another funny experience I had was when Paul McCartney came to São Paulo for his 2014 tour. I was invited to be his backup dentist; in case he had any dental issues. I admit I was hoping he had some kind of small problem, just so I could meet him. However, it all went well for him and I ended up just with the title of Paul’s almost dentist. At least I could watch the concerts from any seat in the stadium for free.

Community Question: How do you expect endodontics to be in 20 years?


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